Fifteen years ago, three-month-old Alicia Owen was taken from her pram outside a shop and, despite an extensive police investigation, was never found again. Now, a teenage girl has found a small hand in the ground, the police discovering it belongs to the body of a baby, entombed in concrete. Could this be the missing baby after all these years? With the case reopened, and painful wounds revisited, can DC Beth Chamberlain finally find out what happened to baby Alicia on that fateful day?

I had not realised that Hush Little Baby was the third in a series before reading it but while there are definitely links to a previous book, I felt I could follow the story, the author giving enough detail about what had gone before. Reading this one has made me curious about part of the plot, so I will definitely be catching up with the other books at some point!

The main plot concerns the cold case of the disappearance of baby Alicia Owen fifteen years ago, a case which has now become active once again. I felt that this was well-written, showing how the uncertainty of what happened years ago still affected the baby’s family today. It was heartbreaking to see how the two parents had reacted to the loss, the father’s story being particularly sad. It was difficult to see old wounds opening up for both parents, their fears, once again, rising to the surface. While it was obvious that someone definitely knew more than they had told the police investigating the original case, I did not see the conclusion coming so the revealing of the killer came as a shock!

The other plot is the conclusion of a case from the previous book but, like I said, enough detail is given so this part of the story is easy to follow. This is the part of the book where we get to find out more about Beth Chamberlain and her personal life while also seeing the tenacity she displays in her work life.

I really enjoyed Hush Little Baby and will definitely be catching up on the rest of the series.

With thanks to Aria Fiction and Net Galley for my copy and to Vicky Joss for organising the blog tour.