Adams, Jane A, A Murderous Mind

Bale, Tom, All Fall Down

Billingham, Mark, Thorne at Christmas

Blackhurst, Jenny, Before I Let You In

Bolton, Sharon, Little Black Lies

Bryndza, Robert, The Girl in the Ice

Bryndza, Robert, The Night Stalker

Bryndza, Robert, Dark Water

Burton, Trevor, Tangled Roots

Cahill, Tim, Legacy

Callaghan, Helen, Dear Amy

Carter, Andrea, Death at Whitewater Church

Carter, Mary, London From My Windows

Carter, Maureen, Next of Kin

Chadda, Sarwat, Mission Atomic

Clarke, Angela, Follow Me

Clarke, Angela, Watch Me

Croft, Kathryn, The Girl You Lost

Curran, Chris, Her Turn to Cry

Dams, Jeanne M, Smile and be a Villain

Donoghue, Claire, No Place to Die

Donoghue, Claire, Trust No One

Donoghue, Claire, The Cradle Will Fall

Douglas, Claire, Local Girl Missing

Dylan-Goodwin, Nathan, The Spyglass File

Eccles, Marjorie, Heirs and Assigns

Eccles, Marjorie, Against the Light

Flint, Sarah, Mummy’s Favourite

Fraser-Sampson, Guy, Death in Profile

Goodwin, Nathan Dylan, The America Ground

Grecian, Alex, Lost and Gone Forever

Griffiths, Elly, The Crossing Places

Griffiths, Elly, A Room Full of Bones

Griffiths, Elly, Ruth’s First Christmas Tree

Griffiths, Elly, The House at Sea’s End

Griffiths, Elly, Dying Fall

Griffiths, Elly, The Outcast Dead

Griffiths, Elly, The Ghost Fields

Griffiths, Elly, The Woman in Blue

Haynes, Elizabeth, Behind Closed Doors

Horowitz, Anthony, Moriarty

Hunt, Catherine, Someone Out There

Jensen, Louise, The Sister

Jones, Gary F., Doc’s Codicil

Kantaria, Annabel, The Disappearance

Kasasian, M R C, The Secrets of Gaslight Lane

Kavanagh, Emma, The Missing Hours

Kerr, Philip, False Nine

Kerr, Philip, Hand of God

La Plante, Lynda, Tennison

La Plante, Lynda, Hidden Killers

Lee, M J, The Irish Inheritance

Lock, Joan, Scotland Yard’s First Cases

London, C Alexander, Outbreak

Loughlin, Martin, The Whitechapel Secret

Lovesey, Peter, The False Inspector Dew

Lupton, Rosamund, The Quality of Silence

Marsons, Angela, Silent Scream

Marsons, Angela, Lost Girls

Marsons, Angela, Play Dead

Marsons, Angela, Blood Lines

Marwood, Alex, The Darkest Secret

McGurl, Kathleen, The Pearl Locket

McGurl, Kathleen, The Emerald Comb

McGurl, Kathleen, The Daughters of Red Hill Hall

Moody, Susan, The Quick and the Dead

Moody, Susan, Quick off the Mark

Murray, Kevin, Blood of the Rose

Nickson, Chris, Two Bronze Pennies

Nickson, Chris, Skin Like Silver

Nixon, John, The Cost of Silence

Norton, Graham, Holding

Perry, Anne, Murder on the Serpentine

Price, Steven, By Gaslight

Rankin, Ian, Rather be the Devil

Robinson, Steve, Kindred

Saatci, Nazan, Donny Trumpet Goes to the Election

Seeber, Claire, 24 Hours

Spencer, Sally, Thicker than Water

Staincliffe, Cath, The Silence Between Breaths

Steiner, Susie, Missing, Presumed

Stone, Louise, S is For Stranger

Summerscale, Kate, The Wicked Boy

Tracy, P J, Cold Kill

Tremayne, S K, The Fire Child

Trotter, Derek ‘Del Boy’, He Who Dares

Troup, Ann, The Silent Girls

Veste, Luca, Blood Stream

Veste, Luca, Then She Was Gone

White, Neil, The Domino Killer