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April 2022

Stephen Edger Cover Reveal

I am really pleased to be able to share with you the covers of not one, but two books by Stephen Edger. Both books look absolutely brilliant!

What Lies Beneath

Grieving father Joe Irons wants nothing but justice following daughter Lydia’s abduction and murder. But when police release prime suspect David Calderwood due to a lack of evidence, Joe feels compelled to act. In the dead of night he weighs up the moral implications of whether doing a bad thing for a good reason is justifiable. With Calderwood abducted and imprisoned in a cell beneath the stairs, Joe intends to obtain a confession no matter the cost.

When Joe learns that another child has been taken, he’s certain David is involved, and is in a race against time to break his prisoner, but wanting to hurt someone isn’t the same as physically doing it.

Invading David’s home, Joe begins to piece together how his captive thinks, picking up the investigation the police have left open. With a child’s life hanging in the balance, will Joe have what it takes to find the truth?

WHAT LIES BENEATH is an adrenaline-fuelled, high concept thriller that will appeal to fans of Adrian McKinty’sThe Chain, and CJ Tudor’s The Other People.

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Publication Date – 6th June

The Prodigal Mother

Five years ago, Abbie’s son Josh died during delivery. It’s taken this long for her and husband Mark to even think about trying to restart their family. Now eight months pregnant, Abbie won’t dare dream of a happy ending in case it is snatched away again.

When a stranger tells Abbie that Josh was switched at the hospital and is living under a new identity, Abbie desperately wants to believe it’s a second chance, but Mark isn’t as easily convinced, especially when the stranger’s mental health issues come to light. 

Abbie can’t find Josh without the stranger’s help, but she can’t risk the life of the child she is carrying. And she doesn’t know how far Josh’s new family will go to keep their secret buried.

Told at a breakneck pace, and with twists on every page THE PRODIGAL MOTHER is a gripping psychological suspense, perfect for fans of CL Taylor, Louise Jensen, and CJ Tudor.

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Publication Date – 5th September

Author Bio – Stephen Edger is the Amazon bestselling author of psychological and crime thrillers, including Snatched, and the Kate Matthews series. Born in the north-east of England, he now lives in Southampton where most of his stories are set, allowing him to use his insider knowledge to deliver realistic and unsettling suspense on every page.

Away from writing, Stephen loves to read anything that will keep him awake at night. He’s also a passionate advocate for contemporary cinema and binge-watching the latest offerings from streaming services. He is married with a son and a daughter, and two dogs.

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Twitter – @StephenEdger

See No Evil by David Fennell

Detective Inspector Grace Archer and Detective Sergeant Harry Quinn find themselves on the hunt for a particularly sadistic serial killer when the bodies of two men are found, one of them having had his eyes removed and placed on his open palms. Investigations lead them to Ladywell Playtower, a religious commune led by Aaron Cronin. Archer knows that Cronin is involved but with watertight alibis, has no way of proving it. With issues in her own life crossing over into the investigation, this case has suddenly become personal…

David Fennell’s The Art of Death was one of my favourite books of last year and I had been really looking forward to reading the follow up. I am pleased to say that it was worth the wait as the author has written another gripping story that kept me engrossed right to the end.

Grace Archer is a great character, her dark and troubled past giving her empathy towards the victims she encounters. I love the relationship she has with her grandfather, a character who despite his aging years really comes to the fore in this book, giving us an idea of where Grace gets her tenacity from! Harry Quinn is the perfect partner for Grace, their complete trust for each other showing when the detective has reason to doubt a member of her team.

The descriptions of the murders are, at times, quite graphic but this is essential in showing you the depravity of the killer. David Fennell’s descriptions in general are superb and I found it easy to create images in my mind of the places and people I encountered during my reading.

The seed for a new book has been sown at the end of See No Evil so I am already looking forward to book three! If you are looking to start a new series, one that is still at its start, then you will not go wrong by reading See No Evil or The Art of Death. Well-written and gripping with great characters and engaging plots, this is definitely becoming one of my favourite series.

With thanks to Bonnier Books UK, Zaffre and Net Galley for my ARC.

The Prison Doctor by Amanda Brown

Former GP Dr Amanda Brown has worked with inmates in some of Britain’s most well-known prisons from young offenders’ institutions to Wormwood Scrubs and finally Bronzefield, a women-only prison. In this book, the first of a series, the author tells the story of what goes on behind those prison walls, creating an insight that most of us (thankfully) will never experience.

From quite early on we see how much compassion Amanda has for her patients at her GP practice and you could tell how difficult it was for her to leave this behind and start a new career as a prison doctor. She soon realises, though, that her skills are transferable and is soon making a difference for those who need her help.

The stories in the book are, at times, heartbreaking, especially when you read about those who have become so institutionalised that they can no longer cope with life on the outside. There is also lots of good humour thrown in for good measure, however, so it is not a totally harrowing read,

The Prison Doctor is an easy read and one that has made me want to read the follow-ups.

The Devil’s Playground by Charly Cox

When Detective Alyssa Wyatt is called to a crime scene, she is not prepared for what she finds: two women have been brutally murdered and another is missing, presumed dead. Finding two young children in the property, one of them having witnessed the horrific events, their safety is now a priority. When the evidence leads them towards the occult, Alyssa knows that there is a race against time to find the killers and prevent any more deaths.

This series has previously dealt with some very dark topics but this is arguably the darkest to date. I’m not a fan of reading about the occult but I’ve loved the previous books in the series and so I put my views aside to read The Devil’s Playground. Thanks to Charly Cox’s brilliant writing, what I found was another superb page turner that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.

Charly Cox writes such brilliant characters and I am a huge fan of Alyssa Wyaytt and her partner Cord. They feel very much like real people and I love how they interact with each other, both of them full of determination to do their job well while showing huge amounts of compassion. Their compassion is shown in a big way at the end of the book and I look forward to seeing how this progresses in the next book.

The Devil’s Playground is packed full of tension and I was certainly kept guessing with regards to the perpetrators. In many books, the ‘whodunit’ element is easy to spot so I was happy to be surprised by who the killers were.

This really is a brilliant series and I urge you to give it a try if you haven’t already done so!

Take a look at my reviews for the rest of the series:

All His Pretty Girls

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Alone in the Woods

With thanks to Hera Books and Net Galley for my ARC.

Monthly Round Up – March 2022

Every now and then, I like to listen to an audiobook, non-fiction being my books of choice. Two of this month’s books are audiobooks and I am grateful for the ability to be able todownload them for free from my local library.

Books I Have Read

The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins by John George Pearson

A comprehensive account of the life of the infamous East End criminals from their birth right up to their deaths. A fascinating, well-researched story.

Vanished by Lynda La Plante

The third in the DC Jack Warr series is arguably the best yet. The detective finds himself working on a complex case when a woman who had been asking the police for help is brutally murdered in her own home. What ensues is a series of crimes that perplex the police.

The Prison Doctor by Amanda Brown

A fascinating look at life in one of Britain’s most well-known prisons through the eyes of the prison doctor. Gritty yet full of humour, this was a great read and I am looking forward to reading the latest in the series which has just been published.

The Devil’s Playground by Charly Cox

The fourth in the brilliant Alyssa Wyatt series is a dark tale of murder and the occult. This has definitely become one of the series that I look forward to and Charly Cox is becoming one of my favourite writers.

Books I Have Acquired

A heartbreaking choice. A secret kept for centuries.

1784. When Esther Harris’s father hurts his back, she takes over his role helping smugglers hide contraband in the secret cellar in their pub. But when the free traders’ ships are trapped in the harbour, a battle between the smugglers and the revenue officers leads to murder and betrayal – and Esther is forced to choose between the love of her life and protecting her family…
Present day. Fresh from her divorce, Millie Galton moves into a former inn overlooking the harbour in Mudeford and plans to create her dream home. When a chance discovery behind an old fireplace reveals the house’s secret history as a haven for smugglers and the devastating story of its former residents, could the mystery of a disappearance from centuries ago finally be solved?

What would you do if your husband framed you for murder?

Five years ago, Olivia Sutherland was wrongfully convicted of plotting to murder.

Now she’s finally free, Olivia has three goals. Repair her relationship with her daughter. Clear her name. And bring down her husband – the man who framed her.

Just how far is she willing to go to get what she wants? And how far will her husband go to stop her?

Because his lies run deeper than Olivia could ever have imagined – and this time it’s not her freedom that’s in jeopardy, but her life…

I’m pleased to be on the blog tour for the Kathleen McGurl book and can’t wait to get stuck in to both of these books!

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