71ULrS075WLI received this book from Net Galley in return for an honest review.

A good book should grab you from the very first chapter and ‘Someone Out There,’ the debut thriller from Catherine Hunt does this and then some! My heart was racing as divorce lawyer, Laura Maxwell, finds herself involved in a race for her life as she is doggedly pursued by an unknown car. This becomes the first in a series of incidents and soon Maxwell realises that her life is in danger. Who is trying to kill her and why?

We soon realise that although Laura seems to have it all with a successful career and a handsome husband, all is not what it seems. Laura is battling her own personal demons and her life is threatening to crumble all around her.

It is not often that a book has a genuine ‘OMG’ moment but this one definitely does. It is hard to say anything about this moment without giving too much away, but when the motives were revealed, I did gasp out loud!

An absolutely superb book – a great debut.