54454703._SY475_There is a predator stalking the streets of Liverpool, abducting women and making them endure the most unimaginable horrors. The hunt for the man known as The Furman has become personal for Detective Cassie Rowan after an undercover operation fails, leaving him free to continue his reign of terror. Unfortunately for Cassie, he knows who she is and soon he has his sights set on her…

This is the first in a new series to feature DC Cassie Rowan and after reading this, she is definitely a detective I will be getting to know better. A strong character with a mind of her own, she feels let down, at times, by her colleagues who think that she is not always a team player. I did not see her like this, however, feeling that she had such empathy for the victims of these heinous crimes that she would do anything to bring this man to justice. I admired her ability to work such long hours whilst acting in loco parentis to her younger brother after the death of her parents.

The perpetrator is a particularly horrible one, but for those who do not like reading anything too gruesome there is no need to worry as the author does not go into graphic detail. The setting helps to create an atmospheric backdrop to the plot, the fog adding to the tension as The Furman stalks the streets of Liverpool, looking for his next prey. If, like me, you are very familiar with the locations mentioned in the book, this also adds another air of menace – moreso if you find yourself at the scene of one of the abductions early in the morning like I did a few days ago!

The thing I most enjoyed aboutĀ Before He Kills Again was the sudden plot twist which, although unexpected, made complete sense, the clues having been there throughout the book. This was where we really saw Cassie coming into her own and I admired her tenacity in following her own instincts even if this did mean putting herself into danger!

Before He Kills AgainĀ  is a great start to a new series and I look forward to seeing where Margaret Murphy takes Cassie next.

With thanks to Joffe Books and Net Galley for my copy.