519GLug9RdL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_A serial killer is at large in Hampstead and the police are going round in circles. With no witnesses or forensic evidence, their investigation is stalling until the discovery of a new body. Will this bring them the leads they so desperately crave? DS Collison is brought in to try to move the investigation forward and he soon brings his own style of policing to the table.

I am in two minds about this book. One one hand, the plot and its eventual conclusion made good reading. The characters are likeable and the author manages to avoid including the cliched ‘troubled’ police officer with peronal issues.

However, there were several sections of the book that I did not enjoy. I felt that the ‘golden age of detection’ section was incredibly far fetched, especially when several of the police officers were coerced into participating in the profiler’s role play. Also, a lot of the conversations that took place between the investigating officers seemed to state the obvious. I also felt that the officers seemed to be very forensically unaware and was surprised that there was no mention of the perpetrator not wishing to leave their own DNA at the scene…

Based on this book, I would read a second book in the series but I would like to see the omission of the profiler and more old-fashioned police procedure.

This book was received from Urbane Publications and Net Galley in return for an honest review.