I received this book  from Net Galley in return for an honest review.No Place To Die

A good book should hook you from the start and Clare Donoghue manages to do that from the very first page. The fear of being buried alive is not a new idea, indeed in the 19th century, safety coffins were developed to prevent this happening. Donoghue gives this a pyschological twist, however, by interspersing chapters with the thoughts and fears of someone who is enduring this ordeal.

The second book in the series (although it could be read as a standalone) sees DS Jane Bennett and DI Mike Lockyer investigating the disappearance of a colleague after blood is found at his home. This inevitably leads up to a re-investigation of an old case he was involved in and soon a link is found to a body found buried in an underground chamber. Bennett and Lockyer have different ideas about who the culprit is, but who is correct?

Part police procedural, part psychological thriller, this is a gripping read which, at times, moves along at breakneck speed. Characters are written well and the author manages to convey the daily struggles of Bennett as she attempts to juggle her demanding career with her home life where she is the single mother of an autistic child.

I look forward to the next book in the series!