The year is 1992 and a man has been murdered whilst perusing the parish registers in the vestry of a country church. It does not take the police long to apprehend the culprit although no motive for the killing has ever been discovered. With the death of the murderer in prison, will the real reason for the attack ever emerge?

Fast forward to the present and a retired crime reporter decides to take up the case. As there appears to be a genealogical aspect, he enlists the help of Madeleine Porter, a local family history researcher.

As with all of Nixon’s previous books, the subject has been well researched and the story moves on at a quick pace. It was good that the importance of backing up your theories was highlighted and how jumping to conclusions can lead you completely off track.

The sub-plot concerning Oliver was also a good addition although I felt that this part of the story was left hanging at the end. Will this be addressed in a further book or is that the end? I don’t feel that it would warrant a book of its own so could have been fully resolved here.