Today, I’m really pleased to be part of the blog tour for the fifth book in AA Abbott’s ‘Trail’ series, The Final Trail, and I’m thrilled to be able to share an extract with you.

The Blurb

Family feuds just got bloodier… A gripping thriller, and a great story of death, revenge and vodka.

To save glamorous Kat White’s life, Ben Halloran killed his gangster father. Now his brother wants to even the score.

The gripping Trail series of British crime thrillers reaches its dramatic conclusion in this compelling page-turner.

The Extract

Hearing his mother has been imprisoned in his homeland, Bazakistan, Erik White has flown there to help her, leaving his business partner in charge of their cancer research in England. Called to a meeting in the local police station, Erik isn’t fazed. At worst, he’ll be asked for a bribe. He’s completely unprepared for what actually happens. 

Leo operated from an office like Marty’s old quarters in Florence Street. It was designed to impress. Ten times the size of Dinara’s anteroom, it was lined and furnished in oak. A traditional wool rug, patterned in squiggles of red and gold, covered the ubiquitous linoleum. Leo lounged in a horsehide swivel chair, his feet on the splendid leather-inlaid desk before him. He didn’t rise for Erik.

“You’re Erik Belov?” Leo spoke Russian with a hint of the countryside in his accent. His cold blue gaze swept over Erik. The face beneath the cap was youthful, yet hardened. As boss of the station, Leo was powerful, and it looked like he enjoyed it.

“Erik White.” Erik extended a hand.

Leo didn’t take it, instead pointing to a less luxurious seat opposite. “Of course, your allegiance lies with the Queen of England,” he sneered, as Erik sat down.

“How can I help you?” Erik asked, ignoring Leo’s contemptuous tone.

“You’ve offended people in high places,” Leo said, bluntly. He removed his feet from the desk, and leaned forward. “You’re using the nation’s indigenous herb, darria, for the benefit of an English pharmaceutical company. It’s a theft of intellectual property from Bazakistan.”

Erik sensed colour rising in his cheeks. Whatever he’d expected Leo to say, it wasn’t this.

“It’s not true,” he said. “I don’t know who’s making that claim to you, but it’s risible. No one in Bazakistan paid any attention to darria, until I’d spent years studying it and researching its properties.”

“A professor in Bazaku City is working on it,” Leo said.

“Maybe now that I’ve obtained a patent and almost finished clinical trials.” Anger sent the words tumbling out. “If this goes to court, I’ll win. You know that, don’t you?”

“It won’t go to court.” Leo paused. Frost glittered in his eyes. At last, he said, “I’m empowered, on the President’s behalf, to place restrictions on your movement. You will stay in Kireniat, Bazaku City, or points in between. You will transfer the business of Darria Enterprises to Bazakistan.”

“I can’t do that, because I don’t own the business. Marty Bridges has half the shares. Anyway, you have no right to detain me.” A disquieting notion formed in Erik’s mind: that it had been a trap all along, and his mother was part of it. Raging with indignation, he nevertheless wondered if he’d been too hasty when he noted Leo reaching into a trouser pocket.

“You’re a citizen of Bazakistan, Mr Belov.” No pistol had appeared yet. Leo’s hand was still.

“Not anymore. I have a British passport.”

“Let me see it.” Leo stretched his other arm across the desk.

Erik handed it to him.

“Thank you.” Leo smirked, fetching a cigarette lighter from his pocket, and flicking it on. He applied the flame to a corner of the burgundy-coloured document. Bitter smoke rose as the edges blackened and curled.

Erik jumped to his feet.

“Sit down.” Leo’s voice was pure ice. “You’re in trouble. Don’t make it worse.”

Copyright © 2019 A.A. Abbott

A compelling psychological thriller, The Final Trail is the last book in a saga of vodka makers and villains. Find out more about the Trail series of psychological thrillers here, and about The Final Trail at All five crime thrillers are available in ebook, paperback and LARGE PRINT, which is also super-easy for dyslexic readers to enjoy.

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