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39 Clues

Outbreak by C. Alexander London

imageWhen Sinead Starling, a family member and former friend, is seen stealing a deadly virus, the rest of the Cahill family know that they must act quickly in order to get to the truth. Is she about to unleash it on the world or is the traitor trying to stop the virus from getting out? The fate of the world lies with the Cahills, led by 14-year-old Dan, and takes our heroes across the planet on another dangerous mission.

Ever since the release of The Maze of Bones in 2008, the 39 Clues series has been a guilty pleasure of mine. Ok, the books may be aimed at children aged 8-12, but their emphasis on adventure and world history grabbed my attention from the start! Since the first book, our intrepid heroes have travelled the world, foiling disasters and now, in Outbreak, it seems as though their time is coming to an end as this is reportedly the last in the series.

Outbreak sees the return of Sinead Starling, a character we have not seen for some time. After previously betraying the family, the Cahills must decide if it is time to allow her back into the fold. A theme of forgiveness runs throughout the book as we are reminded of not just what Sinead did, but also of what actions some of the other characters have carried out throughout the series. Set mainly in Cuba and the Bermuda Triangle, the book is, as always, fast-paced and exciting as we wait to see if the virus that is threatening to take over the world can be eliminated.

There does seem to be an air of finality about the last chapter and, unlike other books, it does not appear to lead into a new story. This would be an ideal way to end the franchise. I have always thought that the 39 Clues would transfer well to the cinema or TV screen so, hopefully, this will happen one day.

Mission Atomic by Sarwat Chadda

After discovering that The Outcast was none other than their grandfather, Nathaniel Hartford, Amy and Dan Cahill know that they have a race against time to stop him from recreating one of the world’s most notorious disasters – a nuclear meltdown. All is not how it seems, however, and soon the young brother and sister are turning to a former enemy in order to help them save mankind.

Mission Atomic is the latest instalment in the ’39 Clues’ series of adventure novels for children, the first having been published in 2008. I admit that, as an adult, the series has become a guilty pleasure of mine and the next book is always pre-ordered on Amazon as soon as I finish the current one! The next book, Outbreak, is reported as being the final one.

Initially, I was drawn to the series because of the treasure hunt aspect – children are sent on a mission around the world to locate the ingredients of an age-old serum. What I have enjoyed the most, however, are the historical aspects and how children are being introduced to some of the infamous (and sometimes not-so-famous) events that have occurred all over the world. Even as an adult, I often found myself googling some of the places that were mentioned and discovering new facts.

Like the other books in the series,  Mission Atomic is a quick and easy read. I admit to being a bit disappointed that the series is coming to an end!

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