Actress Miriam Margolyes has had (and continues to have) a fascinating life and now, at the age of eighty, she has decided to share her stories in a very detailed autobiography. Deciding that the purpose of an autobiography is to tell the complete truth about her life, This Much is True is a perfect title for what is an honest and, at times, graphic retelling of her story so far.

Miriam Margolyes is, in my opinion, a national treasure and I knew that her autobiography would be one that would not sugar coat her past. If you have ever seen any of her television interviews on the likes of The Graham Norton Show or This Morning, then you will know that she does not shy away from controversy and this is definitely the case in This Much is True. Crude in parts, her sexuality plays a huge role in many of her stories, but not in the way you would expect! No spoilers, but a warning that this is not for the faint of heart!

This book is not all crudity and innuendo however: Miriam’s intelligence shines through and she is not scared to give her opinion on controversial issues. Her political leanings are clear (let’s just say that she is no fan of Boris Johnson!) and she has a firm view on the Israel/Palestine situation. Her views are fascinating and educational and she is definitely someone I would love as a guest at my dream dinner party. I was particularly interested in her genealogical stories and as a fellow family history researcher, enjoyed the tales of her ancestors.

I knew I would love this book before I read it and I was not wrong. She may be eighty but she is showing no signs of slowing down – long may this national treasure continue to educate and entertain us!