Izzy’s gift could also be described as a curse. Her strong empathetic abilities mean that she can read the emotions of those around her and can tell when they are lying. When a local girl goes missing and her school’s caretaker appears on television interview discussing what he saw, Izzy immediately knows he is lying. Informing the police, she knows that it is unlikely she will be taken seriously so despite being discouraged, she begins to investigate, putting herself in potential danger and alienating herself from the few people she has on her side.

One of the things I like most about David Jackson’s writing is his ability to come up with novel concepts for a plot. In No Secrets, what could have been a straightforward police procedural is turned completely on its head with the main character being a concerned member of the public with no connection to the missing girl. Izzy is a great character who I actually cared about and although she was clearly, at times, putting herself in danger, I could see why she refused to give up on her search for the truth.

There is also a fantastic supporting cast of characters with Josh, the police officer tasked with investigating the case, being a particular favourite. His scenes with Izzy were a joy to read, filled with humour and sadness. This is a stark contrast to several of the other characters whose scenes made my skin crawl!

Although this is very much a character-driven novel, there is also a gripping plot that kept me hooked right until the last page, testing my emotions as we discover exactly what has been happening. The prologue definitely whetted my appetite for what was to come and I was not disappointed in what was to be a well-written, breath-taking read.

With thanks to Viper Books and Net Galley for my ARC.