The year is 1939 and the Second World War has started. Justice Jones returns to Highbury House Boarding School, not knowing what to expect but pleased that her father is unlikely to have to go to fight due to his age and profession. When a boys’ school is evacuated to their building, it is forbidden for the boys and girls to mix. It is not long, though, before Justice has struck up a friendship with a like-minded boy and when strange things start to happen, she has another mystery to investigate. Is there a spy in their midst?

The Justice Jones series is exactly the sort of book I would have devoured as a child and it is no different as an adult! The fourth book in the series is set at the outbreak of World War Two, a perfect time to read about a group of schoolgirls coming to terms with this tumultuous period in their lives. The title gives a hint as to what Justice and her fellow Barnowls will be investigating and there are plenty of clues (and red herrings) thrown in to aid the reader in trying to figure out what is happening.

The addition of a boys’ school adds an extra dimension to the plot and it was fun reading how the different girls reacted to the sudden appearance of members of the opposite sex in their school.

As in the previous books, the plot is incredibly readable with great characters and a delightful setting. I’m already looking forward to reading book 5.