Ellen’s children are growing up and bringing a new range of problems. Peter is a typical teenage boy, spending most of his time in his bedroom, eating and playing computer games. Jane, however, is 17 and about to take her driving test and flee the nest and head off to university. With her own personal life bringing her added stress, just how will Ellen cope?

This is the fourth and final instalment of the ‘Why Mummy’s…’ series and we see Ellen contemplating her future life as a single woman with children who no longer need her attention. While this seems quite scary for her, looking after her friend’s toddler for a day soon makes her realise that maybe life isn’t so bad after all! This part of the book had numerous laugh out loud moments and the audiobook (read brilliantly by Gabrielle Glaister) had me visualising the utter chaos the whirlwind of a child managed to cause!

While this could be read as a standalone, I would advise reading the previous books in the series in order to develop an understanding of the family and what has happened in their lives up until this point in time. As someone who mainly reads crime books, this is one of my go-to series for when I need something a bit more lighthearted and Gill Sims has never let me down.