When four bodies are found at the scene of a house fire, Detective Kim Stone soon discovers that the flames were not the cause of death. Each of the bodies, two teenagers and their parents, have gunshot wounds and the mother is holding a gun. New evidence determines that this is not an open and shut case – is the real killer still out there? An escaped convict also gives Kim reason to fear for her own life. He has unfinished business with the detective and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

If ever a book grabbed my attention right from the beginning, then this is it! The prologue really set the scene for the whole book and actually had me worried throughout as I tried to work out what it all meant! As someone who remembers what happened to one of the main characters in a previous book, I have grown to expect the unexpected in this series so was desperate to see what curveball Angela Marsons had thrown in.

There are two plots running throughout Six Graves, both of which would be worthy of a book of their own. It is testament to the strength of Kim Stone that despite her life being under threat, she continues to work at bringing a killer to justice despite her superiors wanting her out of the way! Other faces from Kim’s past have made an appearance in previous books but in Six Graves, we have one of the most heinous imaginable. Every scene they were in really set my nerves on edge, especially when I reminded myself of the prologue and where this was all going to lead to.

This is a tense, nail-biter of a book but there is also plenty of lighter-hearted moments, especially when Kim is forced to take in an unwanted house guest. Fans of previous books will know of Kim’s reluctance to even have people inside her house so to have someone actually staying there must have been an utter nightmare for her!

I say it all the time, but this is a series that just goes from strength to strength!

With thanks to Bookouture and Net Galley.