Heading to Trieste after a holiday with her friends, Iris Carr befriends Miss Froy on the train. Waking from her nap, Iris finds no trace of her new friend and the rest of the passengers tell her that no such woman exists. Has Iris really imagined the whole situation or is there something wicked taking place?

I am a huge fan of the films of Alfred Hitchcock and one of my favourites has always been The Lady Vanishes. The Wheel Spins is the book that it is based on, written in 1936 and very much of its time. The writer does manage to create a claustrophobic atmosphere as Iris searches on board the train for Miss Froy while worrying about her own fate.

While the premise of the book is still the same as the film, there are numerous differences and, if I am completely honest, this is one of the rare occasions where I prefer the film to the book. Many chapters seemed like fillers when all I wanted to do was read about Iris and her search for Miss Froy. This is where the film versions get it right as the parts featuring Miss Froy’s parents have been omitted as they didn’t really bring anything to the plot.

I still enjoyed the book and, especially when you think of its age, it has a plot that stands the rest of time.