When the bodies of two former inmates of Highfield Prison are found horrifically tortured, DI Kelly Porter must try to find out what has happened since their release that has angered someone so much. With unrest due to the poor conditions in the prison threatening to turn explosive, Kelly knows that there will be some resistance to her investigation, but will stop at nothing to find the truth.

I think I have just about got my breath back after reading the most explosive book of the series so far! By setting much of Lying Ways in Highfield Prison, Rachel Lynch has created an extremely claustrophobic read that kept me on my toes throughout. A very damning picture of the prison service is created as we see the effects of overcrowding, drug use and the market for mobile phones in an institution that has become extremely understaffed.

Kelly’s tenacity really comes to the fore as she challenges authority to find the killers of the two men, facing corruption along the way. I have always felt that Kelly is the sort of boss I’d like to work for – great at her job, not afraid to get her hands dirty and someone who would protect her team at all costs. We see all of this in Lying Ways.

I have read all of this series and I can say with some confidence that this is my favourite one so far. Fast-paced, thrilling and full of excitement, I hope that there is much more of Kelly Porter to come!

With thanks to Canelo and Net Galley for my copy.

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