Beth Mullen returns home expecting to find her twin sister, Rachel, at the house they share but she is not prepared for what she does find – Rachel is dead in her bed, seemingly poisoned in what looks like a horrifically painful death. Detective Lottie Parker realises that Ragmullin has another serial killer when a second woman is found dead in similar circumstances, a shard of glass having been found in both of their throats. When Lottie’s fiancé, Boyd, goes missing before their wedding, she knows it is something to do with the case. Can she find him before he suffers the same fate as the women?

This is the ninth book in Patricia Gibney’s Lottie Parker series and I am enjoying reading them just as much as ever. Over the course of the series, we have got to know Lottie, her family and her colleagues really well and each new book is like catching up with old friends. In Silent Voices, we see Lottie finally about to put her troubled past behind her by marrying her fiancé and colleague, Boyd. After everything that has happened to Lottie since the death of her first husband, we cannot begrudge her a little happiness but, in true Detective Parker style, you just know that things would not run smoothly!

This is probably one of the most complex plots of this series with numerous characters making you wonder how they were all going to connect. The author manages to do this with ease as the book progresses and, by the end, I felt I had a complete picture of who everyone was and how they became involved in such a heinous crime. This is a book very much about secrets and although we are given a hint quite early on in the book as to the event that triggered the murders, we do not know who the person is that it is referring to, leaving you guessing right until the end.

I think what I liked most in Silent Voices was how there were numerous, seemingly unconnected plots, each one tying together neatly by the end. I found myself connecting most with the character of Maddy, someone who Boyd encounters and becomes concerned about. I willed everything to work out well for Maddy and hoped that whatever it was that she had experienced in her past would be able to be resolved.

Silent Voices is another great book in the Lottie Parker series and, without giving too much away, I hope that the detective finds her happiness in book 10!

With thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for my copy and to Sarah Hardy for organising the blog tour.