When 90-year-old Peggy Smith dies at home, her carer, Natalka, is not convinced that it is from natural causes and seeks out the advice of DS Harbinder Kaur. The detective’s interest is piqued when it is discovered that Peggy was a ‘murder consultant’, helping authors to plot the deaths of their characters, and that she was convinced that someone was watching her. When another death is reported and connections are made to Peggy, could Natalka be right? Is there a killer on the loose?

Last year, I read The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths and one of the standout characters was the detective, Harbinder Kaur. I was thrilled, therefore, to see that she would be featured in a further novel, investigating another case of murder. If you have not read The Stranger Diaries, then don’t worry as this can be read as a standalone, giving you the opportunity to go back and read it after this one!

In The Postscript Murders, Elly Griffiths has created a superb array of supporting characters, each one bringing something different to the story. Even though her time in the book was short-lived, I thought Peggy was a great character and I enjoyed finding out more about her as her friends investigated her death. These friends were an odd combination of people and you may wonder how an elderly gentleman, a former monk who runs a coffee shop and a Ukrainian care worker come to work together to solve the murder! These unlikely sleuths make a great team, however, contributing brilliantly to the plot.

Although there are several deaths and plenty of intrigue, this is by no means a gory mystery, the book being laced with humour and numerous light-hearted and poignant moments. The Postscript Murders is a very enjoyable mystery story, easy to read and ideal for those long autumn nights. Fans of Elly Griffiths are going to love this and, hopefully, new fans will be introduced to this fantastic writer.

With thanks to Quercus and Net Galley for my copy of The Postscript Murders.

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