A case from the past has come back to haunt D I Ridpath. With his time at the coroner’s office seemingly coming to an end, his previous work on the Beast of Manchester case once again rears its head. The police are being targeted and even those already dead are not being spared. Is this some sort of warning and who is behind it? Ridpath must try to uncover the truth to prevent his own life from being put in danger.

I love a book that grabs you straight from the off and When the Past Kills definitely does this! From the moment we see Ridpath’s boss, Mrs Challinor watching a video of something truly horrific, we know that this is not going to be an easy case for the coroner’s officer, especially when links begin to be made to a case that he previously worked on. This was a good move by the author to start the plot part-way through the investigation before taking you back to how the case started as I could not wait to revisit this moment to see the repercussions.

The case is a particularly horrific one, and one that is very personal to Ridpath. He also has the additional dilemma of whether he should return to work for MIT or whether to remain at the coroner’s office. I feel that Ridpath is well-suited to his role with the coroner and although he does have the skills that make him a great detective, he is certainly a good fit in his present role and Mrs Challinor is definitely reluctant to see him go. It is his job as coroner’s officer that sets him apart from protagonists in other books of this genre, as it is something that I have not seen in any other books.

There is a lot going on in When the Past Kills and, just when you think the story has ended, the author hits us with the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers! I actually gasped out loud when I reached this moment and can’t believe I have to wait until the next book to find out what happens next! Hopefully, book 6 won’t be long in the making as I’m desperate to know the outcome!

As the title suggests, the focus of the plot links to a case in one of the previous books, and while you do not need to have read about what has gone before, there are spoilers aplenty should you wish to go back and read this series from the start. This is a really engaging series with a likable protagonist and I would definitely recommend reading them all. Take a look at my reviews of the rest of the series:

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With thanks to Canelo and Net Galley for my ARC.