A serial killer nicknamed The Divine has already killed six teenage girls and is about to kill a seventh. Managing to find his location, criminal psychologist Greg Adams joins a raid, helping to capture the sadistic killer and saving the girl. Ecstasy soon turns to agony, however, when, Greg discovers that his own wife has been brutally slain by another killer, The Dreamer.

A year later, unable to find the man who killed his wife, Greg’s life has taken a turn for the worse. With no job and a loaded gun ready to play Russian Roulette, he is stopped in his tracks by a phone call informing him that The Dreamer is dead and that he wasn’t the one who killed his wife. With renewed vigour, Greg returns to Scotland Yard, assisting in a re-examination of the case. If it wasn’t The Dreamer who killed his wife, then who was it? Greg soon finds himself revisiting the cases of his past, coming face to face with an adversary with a score to settle…

From the very first chapter, when we are introduced to Greg’s work as a criminal psychologist specialising in serial killers, I was hooked. By starting the book with a police raid, I was drawn straight into the action, and I loved how we were thrown a huge curve ball right from the beginning, setting the tone for what was to come.

I have read many books containing serial killers but I think that in The Dead Tell Lies, the author has managed to do something a bit different with this genre, mainly due to the lead character. By having the main protagonist as someone who has worked on several serial killer cases, these cases now impacting upon the present, we get the opportunity to explore each of these murderers and their modus operandi. I particularly liked how some of these killers were dead and some were in prison, leading Greg to wonder who exactly it was that was pulling the strings.

If you are a fan of serial killer fiction, then The Dead Tell Lies is a fast-paced read that you can really sink your teeth into.  Greg is a great character and there is definitely scope for him to return in future books so I hope that this is something that the author is considering.

Highly recommended

With thanks to Bloodhound Books and Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources.

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