When part of a dismembered body is found near to the railway line, DI Lottie Parker is horrified to find that it belongs to a child. It soon becomes apparent that the torso had been frozen, leading the police to believe that this is not a recent death. Why has no one reported a missing child and where is the rest of the body? After a local woman discovers a small skull when renovating her house, connections are made, but are they the right ones? Why have these body parts started appearing and who else must die to protect the secret?

Well, Lottie certainly had her work cut out with this case and it has definitely confirmed for me that Ragmullin is fast becoming Ireland’s answer to Midsomer due to the amount of murders occurring in a relatively small place! As well as having to deal with possibly her most complex case to date, Lottie is having to contend with numerous problems in her personal and professional life. Finally engaged to her colleague, Boyd, she is having to support him through his recent cancer diagnosis whilst also helping him with his sister due to the death of his mother. Added to this, Lottie’s daughter is also looking to move away from Ragmullin to live in America with her young son and there is also someone at work desperate to bring the detective down. With all of this turmoil, it’s a wonder she manages to solve the crime!

Buried Angels has arguably the most complex plot so far in any of Patricia Gibney’s books with numerous characters and plots providing a complicated yet gripping story line. What initially starts off as a cold case soon becomes much more recent as more bodies are found. It was obvious that all of these deaths were linked, but how? As the book progressed, it became apparent that there was a link to something that took place many years before and we become privy to some of this by the way of flashbacks. I was genuinely horrified by what I read, shocked by the depravity of the individual who Lottie would go on to reveal towards the end of the book.

With such a complex plot, I was pleased that the ending tied up all loose ends beautifully, linking each seemingly unrelated event successfully. The turn taken in Lottie’s professional life is an interesting one, and I can’t wait to see how the relationship between herself and her superior develops in the next book. I always look forward to reading the next Lottie Parker book and Buried Angels has left me in a similar position. Bring it on!

With thanks to Sarah Hardy for organising the Books on Tour and to Bookouture and Net Galley for my ARC.