As the lone survivor of a ritualistic killing that killed her family, Becky Morgan has been haunted for years by the memories of what became known as the ‘crimes of the decade’. Now twenty years later, Becky is determined to hunt down the killers and exact her revenge. With old wounds being opened, however, is she right to go down this route and will she end up becoming the next victim?

In February, I was one of the blogs lucky enough to take part in the cover reveal for The Family by P R Black, and I saw enough there to make me want to read the book. After reading it, I can see how the book cover perfectly reflects the tone of the book – dark and disturbing. The Family is definitely not a book for the faint-hearted.

Despite the horrors that she witnessed and the obvious trauma she is still experiencing, Becky is an incredibly strong character with more guts than most people. By actively searching out the man responsible for the massacre of her family, Becky puts herself in immense danger and on more than one occasion, I questioned her actions. I had to admire her courage, however, as she found the strength to continue with her mission, especially after the encounters with her nemesis.

I have already said that The Family is not for the faint-hearted and this is mainly due to the descriptions of the numerous deaths that take place throughout the book. There are some genuinely chilling moments which, given the ritualistic aspects of the murders, are essential to the plot. I found one death particularly horrible as it highlighted the danger Becky was putting herself and her accomplices in and also showed us what a heinous character her quarry was – he is truly one of the most loathsome killers I have read about in recent years!

The Family contains twists galore, most of which I did not see coming at all. Towards the end of the book, it became one of those reads which I could not put down as it took off at break-neck speed, culminating in an unexpected yet incredibly satisfying conclusion.

With thanks to Aria Fiction & Net Galley and also Vicky Joss for organising the blog tour.