To celebrate the publication of the paperback (out today), I thought I’d repost my review of The Chalk Man by C J Tudor. I was fortunate to read it at the end of 2017 and, despite it not actually being available in the shops at that point, it still managed to make it into my list of favourite books from 2017!

I’m eagerly awaiting the author’s new book, The Taking of Annie Thorne, of which I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to read the prologue. It promises to be another outstanding read!

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91TOUwUDzNLIt’s 1986 and Eddie and his group of friends (Hoppo, Fat Gav, Metal Mickey and Nicky) are doing the sort of things that all 12-year-olds do: riding their bikes, hanging around in playgrounds, writing secret messages using chalks… Things change forever when, after following a trail of drawings depicting chalk men, they find a dismembered body in the woods.

Fast forward thirty years and the murder is still fresh in the minds of all those involved. Still living at the house he shared with his parents, Eddie is drawn back in when a face from the past reappears and he starts noticing the chalk men once again. Not quite sure whether to believe what he is seeing, another death spurs him into trying to discover exactly what happened all those years ago.

There has been so much online buzz about this book and it even got a mention in a…

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