51Hun9Zbi4LThere is no such thing as bad publicity. Or is there? Hollywood starlet, Bobby Solomon, seems to have it all: a beautiful wife, a film about to be released and his own reality TV show. All this comes crashing down when the body of his wife and her alleged lover are discovered at the marital home, and Bobby is the only suspect. Although high-profile cases are not his thing, defence lawyer, Eddie Flynn, takes on the case as he senses that everything is not as it seems, daring to believe that Bobby could, in fact, be getting set up. Cold-blooded killer, Joshua Kane, definitely knows a lot more about the case, so much so that he has managed to find himself a spot on the jury. Bobby’s fate may be in his hands…

I admit that courtroom dramas have never really appealed to me but there has been so much buzz around Thirteen that I felt I had to give it a go. (Plus, I’m a regular listener of the author’s podcast, Two Crime Writers and a Microphone). All I can say is, if all books of this genre are as good as this one, then I might just be a convert!

I warmed to Eddie Flynn immediately and, although this is the fourth book in the series, never felt as though I was missing out on his back story. I enjoyed reading his courtroom scenes and could quite easily see how some of the jurors appeared to be hanging on his every word. A man of integrity, despite his con-man past, Eddie is the perfect protagonist and would definitely be someone I would want on my side if I found myself in Bobby’s situation!

The story is a dual narrative, the other main character being the killer, Kane. He is a truly heinous character and yet an unbelievably fascinating one too. We find out the extent of his nature quite early on in the book when the life of a man is decided upon by the toss of a coin. When the true extent of his crimes and the lengths he will go to to continue his ‘work’ are revealed, he definitely became one of the worst serial killers I have read about in recent years.

Thirteen has great characters and a novel idea for a story and is one of the few books that definitely lives up to the hype!

With thanks to Orion and Net Galley for my copy of Thirteen.