36652250Detective Rachel Prince is tasked with taking over the investigation into missing six-year-old Lola Jade Harper. Deducing that something is not quite right with the girl’s family, she must untangle the web of deceit if she has any chance of finding her. When the body of a woman is found, and connections are made to the missing girl, Rachel knows that the net is closing around the guilty party and she must move fast before they slip away forever…

Bookouture has this knack of producing must-read police procedural series and they have done it yet again! In Detective Rachel Prince, we have another strong female lead who is a hard-working and tenacious detective with a complicated personal life. She is a very good detective and her doggedness is shown when she has to travel to Europe alone to investigate a lead. Her work partner, DS Brickall, is another great character and the relationship between the two made each scene they were in together a joy to read.

The plot of a missing child is one that appears in many books, but I liked the twists that came with this one. The main suspects are all incredibly shifty and it was fun trying to work out which of their actions were linked to the disappearance of the child. Although it wasn’t too difficult to work out who the major player was here, the way in which it was carried out was very clever and was not something I saw coming at all.

This is not what I would call an action-packed book as a lot of time is given up to the actual investigation and we are privy to police interviews, stakeouts and the like. In some books, this can become tiresome but The Lying Kind is so well-written that each scene was fascinating and helped to build up a picture of Rachel, Brickall and the suspects.

It looks as though Bookouture has got me hooked on another crime series and I can’t wait to see what book two has in store for Rachel!

With thanks to Net Galley and Bookouture for the ARC.