51C90-oXxsL._SY346_Nurse Maura Lyle has been having a hard time of it lately so when she is personally requested to work at Essen Grange to care for its owner, Gordon Henderson, she sees it as a good opportunity to get her life back on track. On arriving at the house, however, she soon senses that all is not right and that there seem to be secrets lurking around every corner. She should have trusted her instincts…

I loved Ann Troup’s previous books so had been looking forward to reading this one and I am pleased to say that it did not disappoint. From the first chapter, the author draws you in and you fear for Maura’s safety in the old, mysterious house she has found herself in. Although Maura knew something was amiss, due to her circumstances, it is easy to understand why she stayed even though her head was telling her to get out of there!

If you are looking for a book with multiple deaths and a psychopathic killer then this is the book for you, although it must be said that not all of the deaths are at the hand of the said killer. The amount of characters and how they interconnected did, at times, get slightly confusing and I wished I’d drawn up a family tree to help me understand exactly who was who! Once I’d established the relationships, however, what followed was a tangled web of deceit and intrigue with more than a touch of the macabre.

Although the story starts from the perspective of Maura, there’s is a shift part way through when we get to see more of the police investigation into the goings-on at Essen Grange. I felt that this enabled the story to move along nicely and allowed us an insight into the minds of some of the other characters.

Ann Troup has, once again, written a page-turner, full of twists and turns, that I could not put down. A great read!

Thank you to NetGalley and HQ Digital for my ARC.