51VnMg05LvL._SY346_I’m pleased to be the latest stop on the blog tour for the new book by Carys Jones – Dead Girls Can’t Lie.

North Stone is devastated when her best friend, Kelly Orton, is found hanging from a tree in an area which is a well-known route for joggers. Police are quick to close the case, declaring it a suicide but North is adamant that they have drawn the wrong conclusion – Kelly has been murdered. With the police refusing to take North seriously, she has no option but to investigate the death herself. Putting herself in the line of danger, she soon begins to question how much she actually knew her friend.

Dead Girls Can’t Lie explores the relationship between two life-long friends, their story being told in a series of flashbacks detailing their schooldays through to adulthood. I felt a lot of sympathy for North who, despite experiencing so much sadness and loss in her early life, had gone on to work in a profession she truly loved. Losing her best friend had, once again, stirred up memories of the tragic loss of her parents and we see her slowly unravelling, doubting her own sanity as she tried to convince everyone that Kelly would not have taken her own life. Kelly, on the other hand, I found it difficult to like, as she was incredibly domineering, using North’s grief for her own ends. Despite this, I could see how North was totally dependent on her friend and her quest for justice made perfect sense.

As North undertakes her investigation and finds herself in a different world than the one she is used to, there are several points where the events are slightly convenient but, like in most books, you have to suspend reality in order for the plot to move on. It was interesting to see how the normally reserved North started to undertake some of Kelly’s character traits in order to help her achieve her aim.

Although there aren’t too many characters in the book, the author has still managed to cast doubt on who the guilty party could be. I had an idea throughout the book as to who it would be and, at one point, thought I’d got it right. Thankfully, though, the plot wasn’t that obvious and I was pleased that I was wrong!

Dead Girls Can’t Lie is another great book from Carys Jones and one that is definitely worth a read!

With thanks to Head of Zeus and Net Galley for the ARC and to Yasemin Turan for organising the blog tour.

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