34500937When human bones are discovered in a field, Kim Stone has to tackle what could become the most challenging case of her career. Having to work alongside Detective Travis is bad enough but when the bones are found to belong to three different people, each telling a story of extreme torture, Stone knows that she will stop at nothing to uncover the truth. Her team, meanwhile, are dealing with a spate of particularly barbaric hate crimes, and one member in particular is getting a little too close for comfort. Will Kim be able to prevent the unimaginable actually happening?

Dead Souls is the sixth instalment in the Kim Stone series and these books just keep going from strength to strength. What, at first, appears to be a run of the mill murder investigation soon becomes a tale of human depravity at its worst with scenes that will long stay in the imagination. What makes this even more horrifying is that the subject matter – hate crime – is being experienced first-hand by too many people in ‘real life.’ In Dead Souls, Angela Marsons has certainly brought this issue to the fore in a very intense, thought-provoking way and makes you feel physically sick that certain individuals could behave in this inhuman manner.

It was a strange experience seeing Kim working with Travis but this definitely gave us a change to see how her team coped without her. Stacey, in particular, played a much bigger role in this book and, despite her poor judgement, showed the rest of the detectives how much she has to offer. I was also surprised at how my feelings towards Travis changed as the book progressed – this is testament to the author’s brilliant writing when dealing with the real story behind his falling out with Kim.

It was inevitable that all of the separate plot lines would eventually converge and when they did, this led to a terrifying, nail-biting finale where, once again, Kim proves how far she will go to protect her team. Ms. Stone is fast becoming one of the greats of detective fiction and I am pleased that Angela Marsons has been signed up by Bookouture for further books in the series!

On a personal note, in my review for the previous book in the series, Blood Lines, I noted my disappointment on the lack of Tracy Frost. I am pleased to report that the reporter does make an appearance, albeit brief, in Dead Souls, and it was interesting to see how events of a previous book have altered her personality.

Dead Souls is a must-read book with a topical subject matter that really makes you wonder if you truly know the views of everyone you meet.

With thanks to Net Galley and Bookouture for the ARC.