blood-mistWhen Eve Clay is summoned to the scene of a crime, she is not prepared for what she is about to encounter. A whole family has been slaughtered in their home, their mutilated bodies arranged in a bizarre pattern. With no witnesses and the CCTV in the home mysteriously switched off, the only potential clue is the owner of the phone that called the house after the murders took place. Something seems very familiar to Eve but she is unable to bring the memory to the front of her mind. All she knows is that the killers are not going to stop with one family and they must be stopped before more are dealt the same fate.

When I find a book written in my home city, especially a crime one, I feel compelled to read it and the Eve Clay books have been on my TBR list for a while. The first few chapters are like something out of a horror film – the description of the crime scene had more than a touch of the macabre about it! It soon became obvious that this was not going to be a run of the mill police procedural and was not a book for the faint-hearted!

Like in a lot of police procedurals, though, we are introduced to a damaged main character – Eve spent her early life in a children’s home after being abandoned by her parents as a baby. The story of her upbringing became vital in understanding both the character and the plot and helped to explain the way she handled certain situations. I found Eve a very strong leading character and warmed to her quickly.

Blood Mist is, at times, quite shocking – especially when you know the places the events are happening! The location of the final showdown is an inspired choice and definitely one where I can imagine skulduggery happening!  A great start to the series and the second one has already  been downloaded to my kindle.