img_1033Three years ago, five-year-old Evie Cotter disappeared from school. With no evidence or eyewitnesses, the police are at a complete standstill in their investigation, not even knowing if the child is dead or alive. Toni, Evie’s mum, blames herself – if only she’d paid more attention to what was going on around her. Convinced that her child is still alive, she knows that she must do anything possible to get Evie back…

Told in two timeframes, the present day and three years ago, Blink tells the story of a woman who is spiralling out of control after the death of her husband. At times, I wanted to shake Toni and tell her to trust her instincts – she knew that someone was messing with her head but put it all down to paranoia. From the start, it was obvious that someone close to home was involved, but with so many people in the frame, it was impossible to work out who it was. The author throws in enough red herrings to muddy the waters and keep you guessing right until the end. One of the things I liked about this book was the number of characters. Too often, a book can become confusing with too many characters, but the author has the balance just right.

The cover of the book states that Blink is ‘a psychological thriller with a killer twist’, and I do admit that I spent a lot of the book trying to work out what the twist was! Without giving anything away, I am pleased to say that I did work out part of what was going to happen, but not all of it, which definitely added to my enjoyment of the plot.

For me, a sign of a good book is one that cannot be put down and I managed to read this in less than a day. Written in short chapters, K L Slater has ensured that the plot of Blink moves rapidly to the point where you just want to read one more chapter before putting it down!

A must-read!

With thanks to Net Galley and Bookouture for the ARC.