imageThe murder of a man, found beaten to death at a Manchester park, looks like it will be solved quickly by Detective Constable Sam Parker and the rest of the investigating team. Of course, nothing is what it seems, and when the victim’s fingerprints are found on a knife from another crime scene, it looks as though there is something even more sinister afoot. Across the city, Sam’s brother, Joe, a criminal defence lawyer has come face to face with a man he has waited years to see again. A man who threatens to tear apart everything he has worked for…

It was only when I began reading that I realised that this was the third book in a series featuring the brothers. This always fills me with slight trepidation – what if I don’t understand what is happening due to not having read the previous two novels? Thankfully, I am happy to say that being a newcomer to the series was not a hindrance as, even though previous events are referred to, it did not spoil my understanding of the story. I particularly liked the fact that there is not too much given away in the blurb as this made much of the plot an unexpected surprise.

I found that I really liked the two lead characters as they seemed very real as they battled with their consciences about doing the right thing. As a stark contrast, the man they are trying to convict, Mark Proctor, is a thoroughly nasty piece of work who you desperately hope justice finally catches up with.

The plot is, at times, quite intricate, and it was because of this that I started to question the killings – I think all of the crime books I have read over the years have given me the skills I need to be a detective! I did, therefore, suspect something quite early on in the book and was happy to be right! I won’t divulge what it was, as it would spoil the ending!

This is an excellent, exciting, fast-paced book and one that really makes you think about the plot as it is unfolding. I am now looking forward to reading the first two books in the series!

With thanks to Net Galley and Little Brown Book Group UK for the arc.