imageFive people stand around a grave, each one having taken their turn to dig. They are all complicit in the murder of an innocent child – a secret they know they must take with them to their own graves. Now, some years later, a headmistress is found dead, strangled in her own home. Are the crimes connected, and how do they link to the human remains that have been found at a former children’s home? Detective Inspector Kim Stone must try to answer these questions before any more people lose their lives.

As is often the case, I discovered the D. I. Kim Stone books late into the series, reading  Lost Girls first, before enjoying the next two books in the series, Play Dead and Blood Lines. With Silent Scream, sitting on my bookshelf for quite a while, I decided that it was finally time to see how the Kim Stone journey began!

The case is a particularly poignant one for the main character, as we discover that she was a product of the care system, having spent her formative years between foster parents and children’s homes. Her experience, therefore, provides a very useful insight into the lives of the children and also helps to explain Kim’s ‘never give up’ attitude.

As in her later books, Angela Marsons manages to create a story full of suspense with realistic characters who you can totally relate to. I was particularly pleased with the twists and turns throughout, as just when you think you have the plot worked out, she hits you with a major curveball, making you rethink your entire theory!

Silent Scream was a very strong debut and it is easy to see how a series has ensued. Just Evil Games to go now!