When a social worker is found dead in her car with a single stab wound to the heart, Detective Kim Stone knows straight away that this is not a bungled robbery. Her fears are realised when another woman is found dead with an identical wound. With no apparent link between the victims, she has her work cut out to find the killer before they strike again.

Unfortunately, at the same time as trying to bring a conclusion to the case, Kim is facing a battle of her own when she receives a letter from Dr Alex Thorne, a sociopath she helped put behind bars. This leads her to coming face to face with her own mother – the woman who killed Kim’s brother, Mikey.

Blood Lines is the fifth book in the Kim Stone series (I have also reviewed Play Dead and Lost Girls), and yet again, Angela Marsons has pulled it out of the bag! From the first few pages, you are pulled into the book as we seemingly see Kim about to become the victim of a brutal attack. All is not what it seems, however, and we immediately see the tenacity of the detective that has kept readers hooked in the previous four books. In this novel, though, we do get to find out much more about Kim’s early life thanks to her nemesis, Alex Thorne. Some of these revelations are horrific and it helps the reader to understand exactly why Kim is so hellbent on putting away the bad guys.

Usually, there is a point in a crime novel where you begin to get an inkling as to who the guilty party is. In Blood Lines, however, I can honestly say that when the murderer was unmasked, I was completely taken unaware! It is testimony to Angela Marson’s skilful writing that although the killer was extremely unexpected, it made complete sense.

Although Dr Alex Thorne made a more than suitable adversary for Kim Stone, I do admit to missing reporter Tracy Frost. Hopefully, we will see her return in the next book!

This is another five star read from Angela Marsons which is published on November 4th and available to pre-order on Amazon.

With thanks to Net Galley and Bookouture for the advance copy.