MissingDS Manon Bradshaw knows that the first 72 hours in a missing persons case are the most important; the only problem is that a large chunk of this time frame has evaporated before anyone realises that Edith Hind is missing. With just a small amount of blood in the kitchen and with her keys and phone being left behind, the police have little to go on. Knowing that this has the potential to be a well-publicised case due to the victim being the daughter of a celebrated surgeon (and close friend of the Home Secretary no less), Manon must work quickly to find the missing woman’s whereabouts. As more and more secrets are revealed about Edith’s tangled personal life, the consequences will be distressing for all involved…

I have wanted to read this book for a while so was pleased to get the opportunity prior to its paperback publication. Unlike most of the crime novels I have read recently, it could not be described as ‘fast-paced’ but instead is a slow-burner of a story that really gathers pace towards the end. This is, by no means, a bad thing as it gives the author a chance to develop the characters and tie together the various storylines.

The characters are extremely well-written and there is a very real element to most of them. I particularly enjoyed reading Manon’s journey throughout the book and was happy with the heartwarming ending which sets up the follow-up novel. It was also good not to know exactly where the plot was leading and whether Edith would be found. The conclusion was not one I predicted and yet was totally plausible and satisfying.

I look forward to reading the next DS Manon book.

With thanks to HarperCollins UK and Net Galley for the advance copy.

The paperback version of Missing, Presumed is available on Amazon from 1st September 2016.