It’s a busy time in Birdland: current leader, Blackbird is retiring and it’s time to elect a new leader. Many birds put themselves forward but it is a big yellow bird called Donny Trumpet that is making the most noise. Birdland appears to be in danger but will the old eagle be able to save the day?

As I am currently reading a weighty tome, I had hoped that this would provide a bit of light relief. The idea behind the book is, undoubtedly, a good one – turning the current political dramas in America into a light-hearted metaphor that would appeal to adults and children alike. Unfortunately, I felt it did not hit the mark. I would have liked to have seen more humour included, especially if it is to appeal to the younger generation.

Another slight criticism was the ending. Due to reading this on the Kindle Touch, the final passage of verse was written in black text on a black background, making it impossible to read.

With thanks to Net Galley and Fairy Hill Publishing for the copy of the book.