Room Full of BonesWhen forensic archaeologist, Ruth Galloway, visits the Smith Museum in King’s Lynn prior to the opening of a coffin purportedly containing the remains of Bishop Augustine, the last thing she expects to find is the lifeless body of the museum’s curator lying beside it. Once again, Ruth is destined to cross paths with Detective Inspector Harry Nelson as he investigates the untimely death. With the police already stretched to their limits investigating a drugs ring, will the case be solved without the loss of any more lives?

A Room Full of Bones, the fourth in the Ruth Galloway series, welcomes back the characters that we have grown to love in the  previous novels. The main difference, however, is that, whereas we have become used to seeing Ruth actively involved in the investigation, here she takes a back seat and the characters of Cathbad, Judy and Clough take centre stage. This has given the author the opportunity to develop their characters and, in some cases, set up storylines for further books.

The setting of the story, around a horses’ yard, was surprising as the previous books have been based around archaeological digs. I also liked the new character of Bob – a perfect foil for Cathbad! I did miss Nelson, however, as (without giving too much away) he was incapacitated throughout a lot of the book. The strained relationship between Ruth and the Inspector is one of the highlights of this series so I anticipate the next stage in the next book.

Another great read from Elly Griffiths and a relief that, for once, Ruth did not have to fight for her life!