IMG_0874 Ever since Charlie died, her best friend Grace has been struggling with life. Opening up their ‘memory box’ only serves to make matters worse, as a letter from Charlie hints of some terrible event that Grace knows nothing about. Knowing that Charlie was desperate to uncover the identity of her father sets Grace off on a mission to achieve what her friend was unable to. When Grace, with the assistance of her boyfriend, Dan, locates Anna, Charlie’s half-sister, she begins to live life again. Soon, though, strange things start occurring: things start to disappear, Dan begins to act strangely and just who is following Grace? Will Grace’s determination to carry out Charlie’s wishes put herself in danger?

One of the main strengths of ‘The Sister’ is that, through the dual-timeframe storytelling, the author is able to introduce numerous mysteries that keep you guessing throughout the book. From the image on the front cover, I assumed that the main premise of the story was going to be the discovery of Charlie’s secret. However, I found that other plotlines took precedence, not least the Anna situation. It is hard to say too much about the plots without giving too much away, but it is safe to say that I’m sure the author has watched Fatal Attraction…

This is definitely a psychological thriller in every sense, as you wonder whether the person Grace senses following her and the red car she keeps seeing are genuine or just part of her paranoia. The characters are also well-written in such a way that you don’t really know who is an ally of Grace and who is out to do her harm until near the end of the book. Although some of the plotlines were easy to figure out, there are several parts of the story that I did not see coming, making it a very suspenseful read.

A very strong debut novel!

With thanks to Net Galley and BookOuture for providing me with a copy.