The story of Del Trotter is one that will be familiar to most people. Known primarily for his wheeling and dealing around the Peckham area of London, He Who Dares tells the story of this entrepreneur’s life from his Rock and Chips days right through Only Fools and Horses until we reach the present day. This is a real rags to riches (and then back to rags) story of a man who dreamed of being a millionaire only to find it all taken away from him.

As a fan of Only Fools and Horses, this book appealed to me straight away and had me laughing out loud on several occasions despite already knowing what was about to happen. The book has been written in such a way that you can actually hear the voice of Sir David Jason as you read Del’s immortal lines. Credit must go to the family of John Sullivan, the late creator and writer of Only Fools, for getting the tone of the book just right.

My only criticism would be the omission of some of the stand-out moments from the series. Although it could be argued that people know these stories inside out, what is the story of Del Boy without the shattered chandelier or the fall through the bar? Another funny episode – the one with the blow-up dolls – is also only mentioned in passing. It would have been nice to read more about these iconic moments in British TV.

If you’ve never seen the series (is there anyone who hasn’t?), I’d advise watching that rather than reading this book, but for fans of the Trotter family, this book is highly recommended.