Finally, fans of Steve Robinson’s Jefferson Tayte series have got what they wanted – JT is investigating his own past. Adopted at a very early age, Tayte has made a career out of researching the family history of other people when, ironically, he has no idea about his own past. After receiving a clue in a previous book, however, he sets off on a journey that will change his life…

Set mainly in Germany, and told during two time frames (present day and World War Two), Kindred tells the story of two friends, Volker Strobel and Johann Langner and the roles they both played in World War Two. Without giving too much away, it is obvious from quite early on in the book that they are going to have very different wars, but what happened in the past that leaves JT and his partner, Professor Jean Summer, fearing for their lives in the present day?

‘Kindred’ deals with some very emotive issues, not least the subject of the Holocaust. The descriptions of the events at Dachau concentration camp and the atrocities at Kristallnacht were particularly harrowing but essential in explaining the circumstances behind JT’s adoption. Much research has evidently gone into ensuring that this book, although fictional, is as true-to-life as possible.

This is the fifth book in the Jefferson Tayte series, and arguably the best, as Steve Robinson is very adept at writing about World War Two, as shown in another of his books, ‘To The Grave’. You do not need to have read the previous books in the series, but you’ll want to read them after finishing this one. The only problem with this book? The wait before the next one!

Kindred will be published on April 12th. Buy at Amazon

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