Brad Johnson travels to Manchester from America to research his roots after the death of his aunt. After suffering a heart attack at an art gallery, foul play is suspected and soon the Manchester police along with a private investigator known as ‘The Gent’ are trying to track down the culprits. Is it linked to his family tree?

The idea behind this book is good and the crossover between police procedure and genealogy is a good idea. Throughout the book, the author keeps you guessing as to how Brad’s heart attack is related to the other plot: the murder of prostitutes.

I did feel, however, that the role of ‘The Gent’ was slightly confusing and I was unsure as to what he actually achieved. His methods of research seemed convoluted, especially with the wealth of resources that are now available online to family historians. The police also seemed to be making it up as they were going along!

All in all, I felt that this book promised lots but was slightly disappointed with the outcome.