Luca Veste is back with Bloodstream, the third book 51ATKketKTLfeaturing the team of Detective Inspector David Murphy and Detective Sergeant Laura Rossi. Reality TV stars Chloe and Joe are found murdered in an abandoned house in Anfield, near to the stadium, and with a distinct lack of evidence, there is a race against time before the perpetrator strikes again. At the outset, the search proves futile, as the body count soon starts to mount. Coupled with the diappearance of eighteen-year-old Amy Maguire (who just might be Murphy’s daughter), it looks like busy times ahead for the Liverpool North Major Incident Team.

As in the previous novels, Dead Gone and The Dying Place, there is a strong relationship between the characters of Murphy and Rossi, and Veste manages to make them appear ‘real’, by avoiding so many of the cliches prevalent in so many books of this genre. This, alongside the very real setting of the city of Liverpool, gives the storry a gritty, edgy feel.

Veste deals with some extremely topical issues in this book, not least the subjects of cyber crime and the public’s fascination for all things celebrity. Indeed, it also serves as a cautionary tale to make sure your wifi security settings are tight!

Although not essential, it is advisable to read the previous books in the series as references are made to earlier plots and characters. You will not be disappointed! Hopefully, the fourth installment won’t be too long!