Forensic genealogist, Morton Farrier, returns and this time he’s America Groundready to delve into his own past. Keen to discover the identity of his biological father, he is soon sidetracked however, when he is commissioned to investigate the history of Eliza Lovekin, the subject of a nineteenth century painting. In true Morton Farrier style, the case is not as straightforward as it may seem and soon he finds himself part of a race against time to avoid something untoward happening…

‘The America Ground’ is the third of Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s novels featuring Morton Farrier (a novella, ‘The Orange Lilies’ was published last year) and continues in the same vein as the previous books. It is not essential to have read the first two parts of the series although they do come highly recommended!

The author weaves fact and fiction together seamlessly and also gives good advice for anyone wanting to research their own family history. Despite the timeshifts throughout the book (the Lovekin story occurs in the early nineteenth century while Morton Farrier is very much of the present), the story is easy to follow and the numerous twists and turns make it an exciting read.

I am now eagerly waiting the fourth book of the series!