23310342I received this proof-copy from Net Galley in return for an honest review.

Ever since reading ‘Sister’ and ‘Afterwards’ I had been eagerly anticipating Rosamund Lupton’s third offering. The joy of this author’s books is always having to expect the unexpected as they are not as formulaic as other suspense books I have read. This was no exception.

Yasmin and her daughter Ruby have arrived in Alaska to meet up with Matt, her film-maker husband only to be met by officials who break the news to her that her husband has died in a devastating fire. Refusing to believe what she is hearing, the story follows the two main characters on their terrifying journey across the formidable Alaskan terrain, desperate to prove that Matt is still alive.

Lupton succeeds in creating a clear image of the desolate yet beautiful landscape and makes it even more poignant by having much of the story told by Ruby, who we soon find out is deaf. The fear of loneliness is a recurring theme, especially for Ruby, for whom darkness is the enemy.

Although this did not have the shock factor of ‘Sister’, I enjoyed this just as much, and struggled to put it down. The only downside is now having to wait so long for the author’s next book!