Heirs and AssignsI received this book from Net Galley in return for an honest review.

A family gathering followed by the untimely demise of the host all sounds very Agatha Christie and, indeed, there are some similarities in this crime novel by Marjorie Eccles. Inspector Reardon and Sergeant Gilmore are summoned to the rural Shropshire village to investigate the murder and they soon realise that this close-knit community have more secrets than they care to reveal…

A book containing so many characters could have been confusing but the author does a good job in introducing the characters and building up their back stories in order to avoid this. I do feel that the character of Ellen, as a strong woman, was underused and I wonder if she is being saved for a larger role in a follow-up book.

Placing enough red herrings along the way to throw you off track, the ending is satisfying and makes perfect sense. Based on this, I would be happy reading any further books in the series.